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Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons Ad Jab Jab Jouvert Pt. 5

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Carnival: J'ouvert and T-Shirt bands | The Good Ship St Vincent

We knew j'ouvert would be a big event because pretty much every song that was played in the months leading up to carnival seemed to mention it. We ascertained that it started at some point between Sunday night and 

Two stabbing incidents, but Carnival was relatively peaceful ? police

Except for two minor stabbing incidents during j'ouvert, Carnival Monday and Tuesday were relatively peaceful, police officials have reported. Reports of shootings, homicides and chopping usually mar the last two days of 

Open call for J'ouvert Bands and Ole Mas practitioners | St. Lucia

PRESS RELEASE ? The Carnival Planning & Management Agency (CPMA) has issued a call to all J'ouvert bands and Ole Mas practitioners, requesting their registration at the Cultural Development Offices at Barnard Hill in 

Jouvert Carnival in Brooklyn | Flickr

Jouvert, an early morning Carnival, kicks off the West Indies Day Parade for the Caribbean community in Brooklyn.

Toronto Carnival FRI ? AUG 1st ? Jab Jab Jouvert Pt. 5

Toronto Carnival FRI ? AUG 1st ? Jab Jab Jouvert Pt. 5. Jab Jab Jouvert 5 Toronto 2. Toronto Carnival FRIDAY Late Night ? AUG 1st ? Jab Jab Jouvert Pt. 5. Official Ad:

It's Party Time! The break down of J'ouvert and Carnival

Although there are festivities and activities all month long, the grande finale is the last three days of Carnival, which starts with J'ouvert (pronounced Jew-vey). In French, it means dawn or day break. Appropriately, it's a street 

Sunset jouvert review, Jamaica carnival 2014, | LehWeGo.com

The Jamaica carnival landscape changed dramatically this year with Sunnation especially stepping up their game to bring soca lovers in jamaica bigger and better events.

2014 Jamaica Carnival ? Bacchanal J'ouvert | Carnival Chaser

Carnival Chaser Magazine | The Ultimate Carnival Souvenir. Home · ABOUT · CONTACT · Articles · Interview · Reviews · CARNIVAL 2014 Jamaica Carnival ? Bacchanal J'ouvert. 0. Posted April 30, 2014 by CarnivalChaser in PHOTOS.

Carnival Kaleidoscope J'ouvert

CLICK TO ENLARGE FLYER. Carnival Kaleidoscope J'ouvert troupe would like to bring back J'ouvert as we knew it back then with a twist. Join us as we hit the road on J'ouvert morning for this epic eXperience. We're talking about the 

2014 Dominica

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St. Thomas (2012)

Photo gallery of the VIPD in the 2012 St. Thomas . (2 days ago)

Trinidad Tips

Trinidad Tips Everything you need to know about "playing" J'ouvert. On Jouvert Morning, step into the wild side of Trinidad Carnival, and you're (2 days ago)

Photos Of Barbados Carnival & Jouvert

Take a photo tour of Barbados carnival and jouvert! Join the street party with dancing Caribbean-style! (23 hours ago)


J'ouvert is a large street party during Carnival in the eastern Caribbean region. J'ouvert is a contraction of the French jour ouvert, or dawn / day break. J'ouvert (1 day ago)

St Thomas

Virgin Islands Carnival Committee, Inc . 2312 Kronprindsens Gade, 2nd Floor . P O Box 307947 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00803 (1 day ago)

Jamaica Carnival

Popular Jamaica Carnival band, Bacchanal Jamaica, is set to launch its 2012 carnival season on February 10, and this year?s theme is ?Future Shock?. (1 day ago)

Carnival Events | Miami Carnival

Miami Broward More. U2 Wet Fete More. Scorch & Spice More (13 hours ago)

Photos | Miami Broward One Carnival

Past carnivals in miami and broward over the years. Photos By: HeyligerSnapShots. www.HeyligerSnapShots. PhotoReflect.com . CLICK FOR MORE PHOTOS (5 hours ago)

TJJ TV | Trini Jungle Juice TV

Anslem Douglas - It Wasn't You 316 views. Josh - Party TunUp (Summert 2,360 views. Dwayne Bravo - Go Gyal Go 1,354 views (22 hours ago)

Definition of Carnival

a festival marked by merrymaking and processions; a frenetic disorganized and often comic disturbance suggestive of a large public entertainment; a traveling show having sideshows and rides and games of skill etc