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2015 Jab Jab Jouvert

Experience a night of Jab Jab fun with mud, paint, oil; 3 Water Trucks; 3 All-Access Bars; more than 12 different food and vending areas; with a VIP Zone, Foam Zone, Dutty zone, Clean Zone and lots of good times to start your Carnival in 

2015 Bermuda

2015 Bermuda . SAT June 13th 3am-8am. J'OUVERT CELEBRATION OF OUR HEROES The J'OUVERT CELEBRATION OF OUR HEROES will be held from 3AM until 8AM at the Morgan's Point Property in Southampton.

2015 Berlin

Yard & Carnival Fever Entertainment Presents ? The Official Opening Party For Berlin Carnival 2015 ? J'OUVERT. You will get wet, you will get dirty, you will go wild!!! The first J'Ouvert ever in Berlin City will officially open this 

No Carnival experience is complete without experiencing J'ouvert

MIAMI ? Picture thousands of masqueraders covered in scintillating paints and brilliantly colored powders; unlimited servings of your favorite libation and writhing bodies moving to the pulsating, phenomenal rhythms of 

Trinidad 2015 | Buzzebly

Photos by Clayton Rhule J'ouvert (French pronunciation: ?) is a large street party during Carnival in the eastern Caribbean region. J'ouvert is a contraction.

Canboulay, J'ouvert, Mas ~ Carriacou Carnival 2015

The culmination of Carnival is a series of events including Canboulay ? a traditional family and friends feast, J'ouvert ? a huge early morning street party and a number of Mas (es) ? costumed parades. Mas is short for 

2014 Miami Jouvert Highlights Miami Carnival Weekend

2014 Miami Carnival Official J'ouvert Highlights @ Central Broward Regional Park SAT Morning OCT. 11th On The Road w. The Red Antz Miami J'ouvert(

Jouvert Morning- Fantastic, Dangerous, Magic | Phenderson Djl

Someone asked me once to describe J'Ouvert (Jou-vay), the early morning ritual that ushers in the first day of Carnival, sometimes still called Old Years Mas on the island republic of Trinidad & Tobago. I fumbled for words.

Seychelles carnival changes its route

With only 10 days to go before the fifth Carnaval International de Victoria gets under way, Carnival Fever has learned that there are to be major changes? Carnival Fever, Soca, Calypso, J'ouvert, Mas, Costume, Fete, TnT.

2014 Miami Official Jouvert Highlights 10/11/14

2014 Miami Carnival Official J'ouvert Highlights @ Central Broward Regional Park SAT Morning OCT. 11th On The Road w. GenX Red Antz Miami J'ouvert(

Crazy, sexy, muddy: Carnival's dirtiest party pics

Most people associate Carnival with Brazil's widely covered costumed cavalcade. But slightly off that glittery path is a lesser known bacchanal that gives Rio a run for its rhinestones. From New Orleans to the Netherlands, people anxiously await this (2 months ago)

Man charged for Douglas Jones shooting

Breaking Belize News Friday, September 19, 2014. AARON HUMES Reporting: 28 year old Kareem Lopez is known as ?Robbery.? But he is in double trouble tonight for separate allegations, one involving the use of a firearm. Police are said to be investigating him in relation to (7 months ago)

Sugar Mas 42 J'ouvert Attracts Thousands

The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer Thousands of nationals and visitors filled Basseterre for fun and frolic Thursday morning as they celebrated the first street activity for Sugar Mas 42, J'ouvert morning. Revelers donned individual costumes varying from action heroes to Ol' Mas get-ups and more » (1 year ago)

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Heaven or Heal

So, what are the best picks for your feet if you're hitting the street this Carnival? Jouvert-lovers may rejoice in the news that some slippers met Lima's approval for parading. "The softbed Birkenstock?I would recommend. There's a lip to the front of (4 years ago)

Official Miami Jouvert

Miami Spring Jouvert - FESTIVAL OF PAINT! Saturday March 14th 2015 @ the King of Diamonds. 17800 NE 5th Ave | Miami FL | 33162 THE FESTIVAL OF PAINT! (1 week ago)


J'ouvert is a large street party during Carnival in the eastern Caribbean region. J'ouvert is a contraction of the French jour ouvert, or dawn / day break. J'ouvert (2 days ago)

St Thomas

Virgin Islands Carnival Committee, Inc . 2312 Kronprindsens Gade, 2nd Floor . P O Box 307947 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00803 (10 hours ago)

Jouvert , Carnival

J'ouvert originates from the French jour ouvert, meaning day break or morning, and signals the start of the bacchanalia that is Carnival. (5 hours ago)

Jouvert Committee

Jouvert Organizing Committee. J'ouvert is a large street party celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago and many of the other Caribbean islands. It starts well before dawn (7 days ago)

2014 Dominica

2014 Dominica (1 day ago)

Jouvert or Jouvay

Jouvert or Jouvay it's always the beginning of Trinidad Carnival. Jouvert is the very soul of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. In the words of 3 Canal, a popular Rapso (15 hours ago)

Trinidad & Tobago J'ouvert Celebrations

Jouvert marks the official start of the two day carnival celebrations in Trinidad & Tobago. (5 days ago)

Definition of Carnival

a festival marked by merrymaking and processions; a frenetic disorganized and often comic disturbance suggestive of a large public entertainment; a traveling show having sideshows and rides and games of skill etc