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Band - 16 Ariapita Avenue Opposite Synergy Tv, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago - Rated 4.5 based on 54 Reviews "This is my 8th (4 days ago)

Chocolate City Carnival

The route travels in uptown Port-of-Spain, around the St. Clair and Woodbrook area. As for the specifics of the route; this information will be given when collecting your package. (2 weeks ago)

Chocolate City J'ouvert 2009

Chocolate City J'ouvert 2009 Date: Monday 23rd February 2009 Location: Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad W.I. Promotions: North South Crew and Soca 91.9 FM Click on thumbnails to see the big picture/entire gallery. Chocolate, Water, Drinks and Food is a J'Ouvert experience! (2 weeks ago)

Top 10 Bess J'ouvert Bands 2017

J?ouvert, the official start of the Carnival bacchanal, some of you reading this would either be having some of the bess flashbacks of your first time, or you might be first timers yourselves looking for the right band to play with, if you?re ready to throw on a costume and douse ya bredrins with paint, chocolate or clay, while consuming profuse amounts of alcohol and jamming bumper/6 (3 weeks ago)

Trinidad & Tobago J'ouvert Bands Guide 2018

J?ouvert, the official start of the Carnival bacchanal is slowly approaching, so we?ve done our due diligence to help you organize from now.Here?s our breakdown of the bess Trinidad J?ouvert bands for 2018 ? whether you like to be covered in paint, clay, chocolate or all of the above. (4 days ago)

Chocolate City J'ouvert "4 Play" Review

Even though it had a 1-2 hour late start. The pace did pick up with Chocolate City being an all inclusive band. Most people started off their Jouvert journey with some drinks and bake and shark. Other indulged in some (2 weeks ago)

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a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar usually drunk hot; a food made from roasted ground cacao beans; a medium brown to dark brown color

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a large and densely populated urban area may include several independent administrative districts; an incorporated administrative district established by state charter; people living in a large densely populated municipality