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JabArmy Lime.tt

Jab Army Jouver Band on the road for the 2015 Montreal Carnival. Date: July 4th 2015. Photography by KK and Reyad Juman. Click below to see the photos live on Lime.tt! JabArmy . 381 photos 

De Islanderz Launch 2015

De Islanderz Launch 2015. De Islanderz Launch 2015. PHOTOS. SHARE. Home PHOTOS De Islanderz Launch 2015 · Next Vibe. VUE Miami 6-13-2015 · Previous Vibe.


This Saturday, the 13th of June Jamdong Management promises a launch like no other to hit South Florida. Let me just say that getting dressed in your Sunday best is NOT recommended. Do NOT go in "Mudd 

2015 St Maarten Carnival Jouvert Highlights

The Caribs | The Recap Of The GenXRedAntz J'ouvert Band Launch

On the 25th of April in Miami at Virginia Key Beach in Key Biscayne Generation X had their Red Antz launch. The event was held from 10pm to 4am. I attended and here's what I have to say??? ===========

Open call for J'ouvert Bands and Ole Mas practitioners | St. Lucia

PRESS RELEASE ? The Carnival Planning & Management Agency (CPMA) has issued a call to all J'ouvert bands and Ole Mas practitioners, requesting their registration at the Cultural Development Offices at Barnard Hill in 

Miami Broward Carnival & Jouvert Launch 7/18/15

(2014 Miami Broward Carnival Band of the Year ) says, ?in order to maintain the spirit of Carnival, the dignity of our culture, Mas Brothers will continue to design and produce costumes, which will be respectfully spectacular, 

Granger confirms: No more foreign bands for Jouvert 2016 | 721news

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten ??No more international bands for the upcoming 2016 carnival season for the Jouvert morning jump up St Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) said President Michael Granger in an 

Omg Band Kicked Out Of Jouvert 2015, V.I.B.E Producing Showtime

Omg Band Kicked Out Of Jouvert 2015, V.I.B.E Producing Showtime Band's Song, Local Entertainers Treated Poorly (VIDEO). 1 month ago. by John Hype · Add Comment. 4,502 Views 


Back In Time Inc. captured another J'Ouvert Band of the Year title with their theme, ?The Games We Played?, earning 342 points. (The band won last year for ?The People Who Came?). MokoFlix Entertainment's ?MokoJumbies 

Cadiz, Boodhan play Jouvert in Chaguanas

Boodhan was pleased to note that police presence was indeed visible almost to a point that they could have probably made their own if they wanted too. Over the years, Chaguanas Carnival has earned the reputation as being one of the safest,  and more » (7 months ago)

Crazy, sexy, muddy: Carnival's dirtiest party pics

Most people associate Carnival with Brazil's widely covered costumed cavalcade. But slightly off that glittery path is a lesser known bacchanal that gives Rio a run for its rhinestones. From New Orleans to the Netherlands, people anxiously await this (7 months ago)

UWI band expands into Monday, Tuesday mas

Jouvay Ayiti, the prize-winning that came out of The UWI, St Augustine, is back in Port of Spain this year to launch the first presentation in its Reparation Trilogy titled Arandara Ponahara, this land is mine. After three years in Jouvert (7 months ago)

The Third Force

we have arrived at a point where every Tim, Gary and Gerry feels emboldened to form a that is a mix of Ole Mas, Devils, Pierrot Grenade and bikini-clad beauties, and invade our minds with the intention of robbing us of whatever little (2 months ago)

Murder ends Point Fortin Jouvert

Police said Jackson was dancing among revellers in a when he was involved in an altercation with another man. The suspect pulled out a gun from his waist and fired a shot. Jackson, of Bon Air Gardens, Arouca, collapsed on the roadway. and more » (2 years ago)

Mayor: We ought to be proud of it

Last year, on May 4, Dwayne Jackson, of Arouca, was shot dead at Adventure Road, Point Fortin, while working as a bouncer in a during Borough Day celebrations. In 2010, Bertrand Charles, of New Village, Point Fortin, died after he was  and more » (1 year ago)

Up Close at Trinidad's Carnival

lisa. i would love to see that where daybreak comes and "hardly anyone is noticeably drunk" that would be the eighth wonder of the world! Claudette. I am glad to see the article about Trinidad carnival but like some of the other (7 years ago)

Tribal Bliss tomorrow

Before Tribe Carnival, Ackin, a former banker, and Nobrega, a pilot, had a popular known as Red Ants, which they ran alongside Nobrega's brother, Dwayne. Ackin decided that if they were going to run a big mas band, they would have to make  and more » (2 years ago)

We have Steelpan, We have Art, We have Music, We have High Culture We Exist!

This was indeed a very special J'Ouvert morning in New York as I was rudely awakened by NYPD (New York Pan Department) helicopters heavily rumbling in the skies above the neighborhood in the wee hours of the night. These menacing ?Ghetto Birds? or  (4 years ago)

SuperBlue: I didn't mash up soca art form

Also at Thursday's function, SuperBlue launched his , simply named Water and Powder, which he said will be the biggest and least expensive to ever hit the streets of Point Fortin for Borough Day. He also announced a major event  and more » (2 years ago)

D Cocoa Crew | dcocoacrewtt.com

Cocoa Devils J'ouvert 2014 - COCOAHOLICS - SOLD OUT The following are the D Cocoa Crew's Cocoa Devilz Presentations: 1994 - ?NO FORK IN 94?. (1 week ago)


Pagwah is cool cuz it brings in the tassa element, but the #1 , which happens to be a Jab Jab Band, is Greenhouse Jab Jab located on Clarkson between (2 weeks ago)

Chocolate City

Chocolate City , Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. 2,188 likes · 4 talking about this · 43 were here. Premiere All-Inclusive (4 days ago)

The 'Real Jab Jab' 2015

The 'Real Jab Jab' on Port Highway Jouvert morning 2015. (1 day ago)

Jouvert or Jouvay

Jouvert is the soul of Trinidad Carnival, a time to be baptized by the new dawn, . Trinidad Carnival Tips. Trinidad Carnival, the world's greatest show. (1 week ago)

Trinidad Carnival 2015 #1

Trinidad Carnival 2015 Jouvert WeLoveJourvert.com Enjoy and Subscribe for more carnival 2015 vids. had a great time see you next year. (3 weeks ago)

Bubble Bath | Facebook

Bubble Bath , City Of Port-Of-Spain, Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad And Tobago. 3,519 likes · 3 talking about this. In 2007 Devon Matthews and (7 days ago)


When the West Indian American Day Carnival hit Brooklyn this year's Labor Day weekend, the that will have all eyes on them as usual is Pagwah - The Band (3 years ago)

Definition of Band

an unofficial association of people or groups; instrumentalists not including string players; a stripe or stripes of contrasting color; an adornment consisting of a strip of a contrasting color or material; a group of musicians playing popular music for dancing; a range of frequencies between two limits; a thin flat strip of flexible material that is worn around the body or one of the limbs especially to decorate the body; a cord like tissue connecting two larger parts of an anatomical structure; jewelry consisting of a circlet of precious metal often set with jewels worn on the finger; a driving belt in machinery; a thin flat strip or loop of flexible material that goes around or over something else typically to hold it together or as a decoration; a strip of material attached to the leg of a bird to identify it as in studies of bird migration; a restraint put around something to hold it together bind or tie together as with a; attach a ring to the foot of in order to identify