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Open call for J'ouvert Bands and Ole Mas practitioners | St. Lucia

PRESS RELEASE ? The Carnival Planning & Management Agency (CPMA) has issued a call to all J'ouvert bands and Ole Mas practitioners, requesting their registration at the Cultural Development Offices at Barnard Hill in 

Country Meets Town J'ouvert Band Cancer Assistance

The Country Meets Town J'ouvert Band is this year supporting the efforts of the SVG Cancer Society with its presentation for 2014 dubbed Hot Pink. One of t.

~ Karabana ~: King and Queen Thursday, Jab Jab Jouvert Friday

JAB JAB Jouvert It's been a couple years since we fete for jouvert. Actually, last time I went a jouvert fete, we missed crossing the stage with our band .. It was a really good time though. But this fete is in the west end close to 

RedAntz GenX Launch 6-28-2014 | Official Vibes

RedAntz GenX Launch 6-28-2014. RedAntz GenX Launch 6-28-2014. PHOTOS. SHARE. Share the Vibes. Facebook; Twitter; Google+ · Tumblr.


I've been around for years, so I can remember when Generation X made their name with the infamous jouvert parties in Miami. So imagine my excitement when I heard that the jouvert launch was going to be an actual jouvert 

next launch, wassi ones & something jouvert!

NEVER underestimate the power of a woman as there will be Wassi Babes, for a third year and going strong will be Something Jouvert the intimate all inclusive and the grand finale Wassi Ones portraying W.O.W. 

the generation x band launch is tomorrow

Special rates for Gen X and / or Red Antz Miami Jouvert 2013 masqueraders. This is the biggest Carnival Mas Band Launch in Florida!!!! +Registration available for Generation X & Gen X Red Antz Miami Jouvert Discounted 

PEPPER JOUVERT Premium All Inclusive Band 2014

4 Hot Sections 1 Epic ! We HOT! We like SALT! We in EVERYTHING! ? Sections: Chipotle, Cayenne, Jalapeno & Salt. The Pepper Jouvert Experience includes Pre-Jouvert Party from 2:AM and Massive Street Fete to top it all off 

Launch ? Mystic Flames '13 | Flair Foreday Band

Flair the foreday morning band would like to thank everyone who came out to see your beautiful creation last night for those who did not make it photos will be release soon? Would also like to say a special thanks to all of our 

GEN X RED ANTZ Miami Launch

Central Broward Regional Park, 3700 N.W. 11th Place, Lauderhill, FL 33311, Fort Lauderdale, United States, GEN X & RED ANTZ Miami have collaborated to bring you the Ultimate Jouvert experience for 2014 & years to 

MAS REPUBLIC: Ballerz launches J?Ouvert band

Ballerz & Associates recently had their J?Ouvert Band Launch, 2 Dye 4 (It?s All About Peace & Love), at The Naparima Bowl Grounds in San Fernando. (3 days ago)

The Crop Over Files

Let's first begin with Villagers International. A with the theme We In The Army Did they not remember they stole the theme from American Apparel? (3 days ago)

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Trinidad Carnival Jouvert Tips

Trinidad Carnival Jouvert Tips Everything you need to know about "playing" J'ouvert. On Jouvert Morning, step into the wild side of Trinidad Carnival, and you're (3 days ago)

Jouvert or Jouvay

Jouvert is the soul of Trinidad Carnival, a time to be baptized by the new dawn, the mud and the music. Jouvert is freedom, a time to escape from the confines of (3 days ago)

List of Registered Foreday Morning Bands

Home; FESTIVAL NEWS. Current Headlines; Archives; Foreday Morning Bands 2014; ABOUT THE FESTIVAL. About Crop Over; Crop Over Calendar; Wall of Honour. Tune of the (3 days ago)

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Radio Caribbean International (RCI) is one of the Caribbean's top entertainment stations, based on the island of St. Lucia. We also keep our listeners informed of (3 days ago)

Barbados' Crop Over Festival Calendar Highlights

Barbados' Crop Over Festival: Party of a Lifetime Welcome to the Fun Barbados Crop Over Festival Guide to a fun Kadooment & Carnival! (4 days ago)

Definition of Band

an unofficial association of people or groups; instrumentalists not including string players; a stripe or stripes of contrasting color; an adornment consisting of a strip of a contrasting color or material; a group of musicians playing popular music for dancing; a range of frequencies between two limits; a thin flat strip of flexible material that is worn around the body or one of the limbs especially to decorate the body; a cord like tissue connecting two larger parts of an anatomical structure; jewelry consisting of a circlet of precious metal often set with jewels worn on the finger; a driving belt in machinery; a thin flat strip or loop of flexible material that goes around or over something else typically to hold it together or as a decoration; a strip of material attached to the leg of a bird to identify it as in studies of bird migration; a restraint put around something to hold it together bind or tie together as with a; attach a ring to the foot of in order to identify