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Limerz Krew Lime.tt

In the wee hours of Monday Morning there was a Prison Break, as Limerz Krew unleashed over a thousand prisoners onto the streets of San Fernando, accompanied by a heavy security detail. Clad in black and 

XS Aurum | Rehab Launch Lime.tt

XS Aurum Rehab Launch took place on Friday night to a massive crowd. There were live performances by Hunter, Soca Elvis and Terry Seales performing his new hit for 2016. Adding flavour and humor to the 

South Colourz n Playrz Launch Lime.tt

South Colourz n Playrz held their 2016 band launch on Saturday night at Space. Entertainment was provided by Kavita Ramkissoon, Del Torro, Klassy, FLO, Daddy Chinee. On site were also models courtesy Fantasy and 

iCandy Launch 2016 Lime.tt

Hordes of iCandy revellers stormed Pier 1 Saturday night as the band had its official launch for Carnival 2016 and also celebrated 5 successful years in the business. The venue was transformed with a ?floating stage? above 

JabArmy Lime.tt

Jab Army Jouver Band on the road for the 2015 Montreal Carnival. Date: July 4th 2015. Photography by KK and Reyad Juman. Click below to see the photos live on Lime.tt! JabArmy . 381 photos 

Colour My Fantasy J'ouvert 2016 Band Launch Lime.tt

Colour My Fantasy J'ouvert together with Fantasy Restaurant and Bar presented their 3rd annual j'ouvert band launch last Saturday night. Their were live performance by the Bayroad Rythym Section and hot mixes by Dj 

all masqueraders. assemble!

This has got to be the most genius idea for the entire Miami Carnival season! A prejouvert party. There have been many a people (myself included) that have either missed a portion of jouvert or have missed it completely 

Frolic J'ouvert Band ? TnT 2014 MRRONDUKES.COM

Frolic presents ? Chefs. Cost: $360TTD / $60USD. Register and Receive: * Apron (Females) / Waist Apron (Males) * Chef Hat * Plastic Bottle * Boy Shorts (Females) * Body Paint for Bottle (red or yellow) * Drinks

Published on Feb 8, 2016, 7:00 pm AST

Trinidad & Tobago Express Punches for PP, PNM. The first traditional to cross the stage arrived around 7 a.m.. A large band in previous years, D Blue Boyz presented a 27-minute portrayal of ?LOL in TNT?. Masman Val Ramsingh said it was the band's 35th consecutive (4 days ago)

Dillon considers ban on glass bottles*

Trinidad & Tobago Express and by extension the Government, will be ?seriously looking into? banning glass bottles for next year's Carnival. This news comes on the heels of a group of persons throwing glass bottles into a on Monday morning in the Port of Spain (3 days ago)

Powder to the people!

THE NEWEST J'Ouvert band to launch for 2016 is Powderaders: The J'Ouvert Experience that with its presentation entitled: ?Powder To the People! Peace, Love & Powder?. Behind this are two very ambitious sisters and past students of St Francois Girls'  (3 weeks ago)

UWI band expands into Monday, Tuesday mas

Jouvay Ayiti, the prize-winning that came out of The UWI, St Augustine, is back in Port of Spain this year to launch the first presentation in its Reparation Trilogy titled Arandara Ponahara, this land is mine. After three years in Jouvert (1 year ago)

Published on Dec 23, 2015, 12:05 pm AST

Trinidad & Tobago Express A 17-year-old who was a State witness in a robbery in which he was the victim, was shot and killed outside his girlfriend's house during another robbery on Tuesday night. Kyle Montano, of Coora Road, Siparia, died at the scene from a single bullet wound. and more » (2 months ago)

Ramlogan: A victory for democracy *

Trinidad & Tobago Express This was the reaction yesterday of former attorney general Anand Ramlogan following the Court of Appeal ruling in favour of the United National Congress (UNC) in its election petition matter. He said the ruling was not just a victory for the UNC but and more » (2 months ago)

Man, 23, held with loaded gun

Trinidad & Tobago Express A 23-year-old man is currently in custody after he was held with a loaded GLOCK pistol on Friday morning in Arima. Police reports stated that around 2.45 a.m. on Friday, a group of officers from the Northern Division Task Force (Central), under the (1 month ago)

Imbert: Last Govt 'borrowed like crazy'*

Trinidad & Tobago Express Minister of Finance Colm Imbert make his contribution during Parliament sitting at Tower D, International Waterfront, Port of Spain yesterday. Attorney General Faris Alwari, at left and Camille Robinson-Regis Minister of Planning and Development. and more » (2 months ago)

Stay at home if you have flu symptoms

Trinidad & Tobago Express Pupils and teachers who have symptoms of the common flu must stay at home and not attend school at the opening of the new term on Monday. So said Education Minister Anthony Garcia at a news conference at the ministry's Port of Spain office, yesterday. and more » (1 month ago)

Published on Oct 26, 2015, 11:49 am AST

Trinidad & Tobago Express launch: Former Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar at Saturday launch of her campaign to be re-elected political leader of the United National Congress. At right is former MP for Tableland/Moruga Clifton De Coteau. At left is chairman of the Penal and more » (4 months ago)

JOUVERT XMAS 2014.. Band Launch of LIQUID COLOURS Jouvert

PowerIsMindPower Productions alongside RebelCity Tv Would like to thank everyone for there support in coming out to this great event?.. Please LIKE and (1 year ago)

iCandy Launch 2016 Lime.tt

Hordes of iCandy revellers stormed Pier 1 Saturday night as the band had its official launch for Carnival 2016 and also celebrated 5 successful years in the business. (13 hours ago)

My Carnival Bands

Think Pink J'ouvert Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago. Sections. Cocoa Devils 2016 Dinky Devils - Female Package (1 day ago)

iCandy J?ouvert Band Launch 2014 Lime.tt

DJ Greg Entertainment presented its 3rd annual ?iCandy J?ouvert Band Launch & Cooler Party 2014? which was held on Saturday 30th November at Pier 1. (1 day ago)

Trinidad Carnival Costumes

The Trinidad Carnival band and resources on this page offer a selection Trinidad Carnival costumes from which you may select. These resources are (2 days ago)

eriejcool GEORGETOWN JOUVERT 2015 full uncut

JOUVERT XMAS 2014.. Band Launch of LIQUID COLOURS 2015 ( Shal Marshall - Motivation ) - Duration: 3:20. PowerIsMindPower 309,711 views (2 days ago)

Jouvert Registration

10/14/2015. To our great masqueraders; Good day to each and every one of you, I feel compelled to extend my warmest appreciation to you all for making jouvert 2015 a (1 day ago)

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Portal of Trinidad and Tobago with always fresh news on sport, business, culture and entertainment (16 hours ago)

D Cocoa Crew | dcocoacrewtt.com

Cocoa Devils J'ouvert 2016 Registration To register, click on link below : ALL MASQUERADERS MUST FILL OUT REGISTRATION FORM ONLINE TO REGISTER. Registration Fee: TT$ (2 days ago)


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