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Jouvert in San Fernando | Trinidad Express Newspaper | News

Express Photographer Dave Persad spent time on the streets of San Fernando on Carnival Monday and brought back these images from the Jouvert.

Trinidad & Tobago: The Truth of J'ouvert Global Voices

Tobago: The Truth of J'ouvert. Posted 25 February 2014 1:35 GMT. In anticipation of her J'ouvert experience at this year's Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, Tillah Willah explores why the opening of the festival holds so many truths for her.

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Playing jouvert with Shades Jouvert 2014 at Trinidad Carnival.

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, not to be missed by the cruising sailor, The Trinis know how to party.

J'Ouvert (Jouvay)'s Wonderful, Fantastic, Dangerous Magic

Someone asked me once to describe J'Ouvert (Jou-vay), the early morning ritual that ushers in the first day of Carnival, sometimes still called Old Years Mas on the island republic of Trinidad & Tobago. I fumbled for words.


People's Champion (J'ouvert Mix)- Benjai (Trinidad) Bottle of Rum (J'ouvert Mix)- Machel (Trinidad) Go Down- Machel (Trinidad) Hot Like Fire- Beenie Man (Jamaica) A Little Wine- Patrice Roberts (Trinidad) Life of d Party- 

J'Ouvert band to bring awareness of kidney disease | Trinidad

Oh what a joy! Finally a corporate entity is aligning itself with a group of people who are seeking to bring awareness to kidney disease and renal failure in our beloved country. A random check would suggest that every 

Jouvert and Monday Mas live streaming online on TV4

J'ouvert will be streaming live today on Our TV4. The show starts at 4am Trinidad time. Later at 3pm they will stream the Parade of the Bands from Carapachima starting at 3pm. To view stream: 

J'ouvert Scenes tops online viewership for 2013 | Trinidad Express

J'ouvert Scenes tops online viewership for 2013. By Donstan Bonn By donstan.bonn@trinidadexpress.com. Story Created: Dec 31, 2013 at 7:12 PM ECT. Story Updated: Dec 31, 2013 at 8:00 PM ECT. 2013 was not a year devoid of 

Trinidad Jouvert 2012 | fotos

Where to? fotos. You are here : Home ». Uncategorized ». Trinidad Jouvert 2012. Trinidad Jouvert 2012. carnival2 21 May 2014. img_1061 Granada St George Jouvert. About carnival2. View all posts by carnival2 ?. Sorry, comments are 

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Frugal Living Blog The Frugal Living Blog is my mini journal about frugal retirement living. You will keep hearing, from others, that you can't retire now. (1 day ago)

Celebrating The Spring Festival Phagwa, or Holi Caribbean

Celebrating The Spring Festival Phagwa, or Holi Caribbean Style By: Latchman Kissoon . Barbados The reason for the season of spring is the celebration of (22 hours ago)

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an island in West Indies just off the northeastern coast of Venezuela