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Trinidad & Tobago: The Truth of J'ouvert Global Voices

Tobago: The Truth of J'ouvert. Posted 25 February 2014 1:35 GMT. In anticipation of her J'ouvert experience at this year's Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, Tillah Willah explores why the opening of the festival holds so many truths for her.

Jouvert in San Fernando | Trinidad Express Newspaper | News

Express Photographer Dave Persad spent time on the streets of San Fernando on Carnival Monday and brought back these images from the Jouvert.

| Naptural Born Traveller

Playing jouvert with Shades Jouvert 2014 at Trinidad Carnival.

J'Ouvert (Jouvay)'s Wonderful, Fantastic, Dangerous Magic

Someone asked me once to describe J'Ouvert (Jou-vay), the early morning ritual that ushers in the first day of Carnival, sometimes still called Old Years Mas on the island republic of Trinidad & Tobago. I fumbled for words.

Bacchanal J'Ouvert hits the beach today Entertainment

Following the success of the Mas Camp Friday night series, Bacchanal will host its annual beach fête today.

J'ouvert Scenes tops online viewership for 2013 | Trinidad Express

2013 was not a year devoid of newsworthy items by any stretch of the imagination.

| Frugal retirement living

, not to be missed by the cruising sailor, The Trinis know how to party.

J'ouvert in San Fernando, 2014

J'ouvert in San Fernando, 2014 - Trinidad & Tobago Sanfest Pan Prelim - St Francois Girls Secondary · J'ouvert in San Fernando, 2014 - Trinidad & Tobago San Fernando carnival Review - Feb. 4. 2014. ? February (4).

Jouvert in Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago ? Image #9 | Trini Chic

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Trinidad Carnival 2014 ? Monday Mas and Jouvert

Trinidad Carnival 2014 ? Monday Mas and Jouvert. Devi-Nath-25. Devi-Nath-40. Devi-Nath-41. Devi-Nath-42. Devi-Nath-43. Devi-Nath-44. Devi-Nath-45. Devi-Nath-46. Devi-Nath-47. Devi-Nath-48. Devi-Nath-49. Devi-Nath- 

Jouvert is highly traditional and full of symbols culture

J'ouvert or Jouvay is at the heart of Trinidad carnival, and is also celebrated in other Eastern Caribbean islands. The name J'ouvert originates from the French jour (4 hours ago)

Blue Devil Mas.com: The Meaning of J'ouvert

J'ouvert (also spelled Juvé or Juve) Is a large street party during Carnival in the eastern Caribbean region. J'ouvert is a contraction of the French jour (12 hours ago)

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