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Trinidad and Tobago Carnival: Part 6

J'ouvert is marked by smaller groups and bands and a general free for all vibe. J'ouvert bands congregate around main themes based on what they will cover their bodies with. That's right. Cover their bodies. You see, J'ouvert 

Surviving J'ouvert in Trinidad

Surviving J'ouvert in Trinidad. Generally you should try and buy tickets to play with a band, as early as possible. Because like any popular event, the ticket prices increase as the event rolls in closer. We weren't this organised.

Jumbies Band Costume Launch

MAS Jumbies is an award winning J'Ouvert band from Trinidad & Tobago with roots in Miami, Florida and Toronto, Canada. It was established in Trinidad in 2006 and debuted at the 2006 Carnival with ?Diable? ; a modern 

The Sweet 7: Trinidad Carnival 2009

J'ouvert is a contraction of the French jour ouvert, or day open (morning). The celebration involves calypso/soca bands and their followers dancing through the streets. The festival starts well before dawn and peaks a few 

Plan ahead! Trinidad 2013 J'Ouvert. Which band will you choose

This year we have decided to try a new J'Ouvert band on carnival Monday morning. My last J'Ouvert morning was fun till it was over, then we became ensnarled in an endless line of traffic that started to bring back memories of 

Why you should play J'ouvert over Carnival Mas. | The Real

The beauty of Trinidad is that last minute plans are completely acceptable! We were able to find fete tickets the day of the events we wanted to attend and even got tickets for the j'ouvert band Kraze the day before. So what is 

Jouvert Morning- Fantastic, Dangerous, Magic | Phenderson Djl

This year after a 4am breakfast party, a night of Dimanche Gras and knowing we have to be on the road to meet our band at 10:00am for Monday mas, we didn't go into town for Jouvert. Instead, we stayed in Chaguanas--where my Someone asked me once to describe J'Ouvert (Jou-vay), the early morning ritual that ushers in the first day of Carnival, sometimes still called Old Years Mas on the island republic of Trinidad & Tobago. I fumbled for words. J'Ouvert is wild.

Jouvert in Trinidad | Frugal retirement living

Jouvert in Trinidad, not to be missed by the cruising sailor, The Trinis know how to party.

J'Ouvert band to bring awareness of kidney disease | Trinidad

Oh what a joy! Finally a corporate entity is aligning itself with a group of people who are seeking to bring awareness to kidney disease and renal failure in our beloved country. A random check would suggest that every 

Slow start to J'ouvert celebrations in Port-of-Spain

In fact, three hours into the Parade of the J'ouvert Bands, which began at about 6 am, only 11 bands crossed the stage, including Two Mother's Promotions with ?From Cocorite to Hawaii with Mudd,? Trotters Football 

Definition of Trinidad

an island in West Indies just off the northeastern coast of Venezuela